next date

June, 15th
2nd club training

1st start at 0200pm
open for guests

the Club

 the sailing club is there since the flooding the artifical lake in 1972,

 we have arround 90 members,

 training camps, races, day of the open door - that are highlights of the saison,.

we offer the club members space for the boats on a landing stage, on the meadow, in the hangar during the wintertime and pitches for camper.

 Membership fee per year and a unique admission fee according to the statutes of club.

Pictures of our facilities:

New colours in the youth room and a dorm, sommer 2011 Mehrzweckhaus

the new winch, sommer 2011 Winde

Cistern in a new house, sommer 2011 Wassertank

new landing stage, sommer 2010 Neuer Steg

dinghy ramp and landing stage to go in, sommer 2009 Slipbahn

dinghy meadow, sommer 2009 Jollenwiese

hangar with crane, sommer 2009 Bootshalle

sanitary area renovated, sommer 2009 Club aus der Luft

meadow for camper with a nice view, sommer 2009 Wohnwagenwiese

Captains Inn outside, sommer 2009 Captains Inn

Captains Inn inside, sommer 2009 Captains Inn

room for the youth, sommer 2009 Schulungsraum

renovated 4er dorm, sommer 2009 Schlafraum