next date

day of open club
June, 01th

begin at 1000am
with testsailing
open for guests

2nd club training
1st start at 0200pm
open for guests

board of managers

contact person of the club:

general mail address: info|at|

Funktion Name Kontakt
1. chairman Jens Schönherr vorstand|at|
2. chairman Rene Sievers vorstand|at|
treasurer Martin Schatz vorstand|at|
secretary Ute Wittke vorstand|at|
technical committee Ralf Birn vorstand|at|
media relations Steffen Scholz vorstand|at|
operative sports Fabian Sämann vorstand|at|
operative youth Max Wresinski vorstand|at|
registration office racing Matthias Witt meldung|at|
webmaster Steffen Scholz webmaster|at|